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Coming from a family of musicians in Sainte-Barbe (Qc), Martine Billette put on her first step dancing shoes at the age of four. She learned her first steps with Serge Mathon, then deepened her knowledge with Martin Duhème at the end of the 80s, as well as with Gilles Roy in the 90s.


Recognized as one of the best step dancer in Quebec, Martine joined forces for almost 7 years with Pierre Chartrand and Marie-Soleil Pilette in the Rapetipetam trio, but also with Gilles Roy his The Stepping Ambassadors as a professional dancer.


With a bachelor's degree in music (2004), and a master's degree in arts education (2017), Martine has been teaching traditional step danding and piano for over thirty years.




Dominic Desrochers’s love for sound and movement is awakened during family gatherings where traditional singers, dancers and musicians help to forge his creative spirit.


Over time, a real passion for percussive dance, physical theater and clown art is added to the landscape of this poet and multi-instrumentalist, and integrates all his gestural vocabulary in the service of rhythm.


Co-founder, choreographer and dancer of ZEUGMA DANSE, Dominic frequently shares his knowledge by offering workshops and master classes. An ethnological and exploratory journey opens up his creative approach which now aims to be 100% organic, making music and percussive dance an extension of oneself.




Named by Dance Magazine as one of 2019's "25 to Watch," dancer and dance researcher Nic Gareiss has been hailed by the New York Times for his "dexterous melding of Irish and Appalachian dance".


He reimagines movement as a musical practice, recasting dance as a medium that appeals to both eyes and ears. Originally from Michigan, Gareiss engages many percussive dance traditions, weaving together a dance technique facilitating his love of improvisation, clog and step dance footwork vocabulary, and musical collaboration.

In 2018-2019, Nic was artist-in-residence at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Scottish Studies and in 2020, he received the Michigan Heritage Award, his state's highest honor for traditional artists.




Dancer Edwina Guckian hails from outside the village of Drumsna in Co. Leitrim, Ireland She learned her dancing from her mother and the local dancers of Leitrim and Roscommon counties.


Having started teaching dancing at age 16, Edwina establisher, in 2004, her dance club Áirc Damhsa which now has over 400 members and 11 teachers based in 9 counties.  Since 2016, with the support of The Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland and Leitrim Arts Office she hosts a hugely successful festival called Leitrim Dance Week. 

Recipient of several awards, she founded in 2020 her independent film production company making creative videos and documentaries focusing on music, dance, heritage, culture, nature and community.




Filmmaker Marlene Millar has create dance, documentary and experimen-tal media productions since 1989, recently celebrated in her solo exhibition of 30 works at Threshold Artspace, UK.


Since 2000 Marlene has co-created an acclaimed body of dance media work with Philip Szporer through their production company, Mouvement Perpétuel. The Migration Dance Film Project series (Lay Me Low, Pilgrimage, Move, Traverse, Navigation), directed by Marlene and choreographed by Sandy Silva, has been honoured with over 25 awards and prizes at festivals including Aesthetica Film Festival (UK), San Francisco Dance Film Festival (US), Cinematica (IT), Cinedans (NL) and Shortwaves (PL).




Louis Morneau first stood out as a musician and composer in a wide variety of musical styles. He has performed regularly in concert across Quebec, either solo and within several classical, world music and pop groups.


Louis has also been interested, for 20 years now, in directing and recording, with a constant concern for the delivery of a quality, rich and deep sound of the works entrusted to him and the shows to which he participated as sound designer and sound engineer.


Shortly after, he discovered an art that has fascinated him and has fascinated him ever since: mastering. He is fully realized in this profession which requires as much a rigorous technique as his artistic sense.




Yiota Peklari is considered as one of the most active and innovative flamenco artists and teachers in Greece. Graduated from the Professional Dance School Rallou Manou in Athens, she participated, as a dancer and choreographer, to major festivals all around the world.


As an educator, based on her training in ballet, contemporary dance, body music and flamenco, and 25 years of teaching experience, she has developed her personal teaching methods which are designed to awaken the kinesthetic and musical perception, imagination, creativity and interaction of the students. 


In 2009 she co-founded PLAYGROUND for the arts, a cultural nonprofit organization created to promote and support percussive arts.




A true lover of dance and movement, Frédérique Annie Robitaille attended several dance schools before pursuing dance studies, first at Collège Montmorency in Laval, then at the University of Quebec in Montreal where she obtained a bachelor's degree in performance. in contemporary dance.

Co-founder of ZEUGMA DANSE, she has combined the functions of co-artistic director, choreographer and performer since 2001 and has eloquently contributed to the development of the gestural identity of the company, which mixes the power of jig with the fluidity of movement. contemporary. She also participated in the deployment of all the artistic projects of the company, in addition to directing, from 2005, the apprenticeship training program.




Cleek Schrey is a fiddler, improviser, and composer from Virginia, now based in NYC. He collaborates with musicians from a wide spectrum of scenes and styles. Frequent collaborators include the electronic music pioneer David Behrman, viol da gamba player Liam Byrne, and traditional fiddle icons Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Martin Hayes. 


The journal Sound Post has noted that Cleek “possesses a rare combination of traits: deep respect for traditional music and the people who make it, and an unbounded curiosity about new directions for sound”. Recent engagements include the Big Ears Festival (TN), the Kilkenny Arts Festival (IR), SuperSense Festival of the Ecstatic (Aus) and the Issue Project Room (NYC). He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Music Composition at Princeton University.

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Sandy Silva is an award-winning choreographer, producer, and internationally acclaimed pioneer of percussive dance.


She draws from global percussive dance practices infusing theme with movement, voice, theater and impeccable musicality. The result is a unique and powerful  form of performance and storytelling.


After 30 years of performing and teaching around the world, Sandy started the Migration Dance Film Project (MDFP) with award winning director Marlene Millar. Their films have screened internationally and won numerous awards.


The migration Dance Film Project will incorporate 8 short films into a full length feature film to be released in 2021.




With a background in traditional and folk dances, Antoine Turmine defines himself as a dance artist who invests in a creative process where rhythm, sound and the body in movement are at the forefront.


Following his bachelor's degree in contemporary dance from UQAM and a master's degree in dance, Antoine now aims to turn his practice into a true laboratory and thus seeks out devices and contexts that transform and push back his ways of dancing.